At Jared Associates, we have developed a proven system of strategies to assist our clients in selling their homes as quickly and successfully as possible. These methods are certain to work, and with an experienced team behind you, your home sale is going to be handled with the best possible care.

In order to get your home sold for the most amount of money in the shorter time, you and your agent must create demand. It’s that simple! We specialize in full-service premier marketing, sales tactics, and strategies designed to create demand.

Strategies to Create Demand

Pre-Sales Strategy

  • Online market knowledge in order to determine the potential market value
  • Compare in order to forecast price for the highest return and previewing competition
  • Staging, fixing, and decorating consultation services available
  • Coming soon market strategy

Review the Sales Strategy

  • Receive, follow-up with, and convert prospective leads using the company’s team approach

Lead Management Strategy

  • Automatically following up on every lead from every source

Reporting Strategy

  • Systemize for capturing all leads
  • Available personal phone calls with showing feedback

Marketing Strategy

  • Hire our professional photographers, videographers, and artists
  • Noticeable yard signs that stand out amongst competition
  • Advertising to our referral network of customers, vendors and =national database of agents

Support and Customer Service Strategy

  • Full-time lead management team who follows up on every lead immediately and consistently
  • Full-time dedicated contract-to-close specialist who monitors every part of the transaction so that you close on time
  • Partner agents focused on following up with buyers to push the concept of your house

When you’re ready to buy or sell a home in the Washington DC Metro Market, you want a Realtor® you can trust, whose experience will help you buy a property with confidence. Jared Associates stands ready to help you achieve your home dreams. Give me a call, Jared Russell, at 301-351-7711 (mobile), or 240-383-1350 (office) or email me at You can also visit me at my website for additional information.